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Right to Information Act

The Right to Information Act, 2005 (22 of 2005) has been enacted by the Parliament and has come into force from June 15, 2005. This Act provides for Right to Information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. The following officers are designated as Appellate Authority and Public Information Officer.

Name of Department/Institution/Office : CAPE & Institutions under it
Name of Public Authority : Director, CAPE

1.Deepa K. S
Director – In – charge,
Institute of Management & Technology Punnapra
Appellate Authority,
Institute of Management & Technology Punnapra
0477 2267602
2.Ashok Kumar
Administrative Officer
Institute of Managemnt & technology Punnapra
Public Information Officer
Institute of Managemnt & technology Punnapra
0477 2266711

How to make a request for information under the RTI Act?

  1.  The request shall be in writing or through electronic means in English or Malayalam or in the official language  of the area in which the application is made.
  2.  The full name, address, particulars of information required and other relevant reference, if any, are to be    clearly  specified in the application.
  3.  The application shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee.As per the RTI Act 2005 (6) and GO (P)540/207/GAD dated 18.12.2007, applicant shall be paid the application fee is Rs. 10/-  which  shall be paid in any of the following manners.
    a. Money order
    b. Indian postal order
    c. Demand Draft  of Rs. 10/- + service charge  in favour of Director, Institute of Management and Technology Punnapra at SBI Kalarkode Branch, AlappuzhaPLEASE NOTE THAT COURT FEE STAMP AND TREASURY CHALAN ARE NOT ACCEPTED AS A PROCESSING FEE IN THE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY PUNNAPRA.